Plan with guidance by your side

Plan with guidance by your side

Why You Need an Estate Plan

Many people believe that they don't have enough assets to warrant an estate plan. They believe that estate planning is only about saving estate taxes. However, even the most modest estate (the assets you own at your death that are distributable to others) needs your direction. Do you really want anyone, even that overbearing mom/sister/child that hasn't spoken to you for months, to be the person in charge of distributing your assets or raising your children? It could happen without the right planning.

Benefits to making your own plan:

  • Making sure your assets go where you want them to
  • Controlling assets while you are alive, but incapacitated
  • Controlling assets after death
  • Minimizing the emotional and financial burdens of your loved ones
  • Minimizing fueding over your estate
  • Avoiding the cost and need for probate
  • Providing provisions for a guardian of minor children

Make Sure Your Wishes Are Known

Draft your will to prepare for the future

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